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These Clockwork Stars


To become beautiful, she must betray the man she loves.

When seventeen-year-old Vanille moves to a different kingdom to help care for her sick auntie, she wants to stay out of sight. Her hulking size has always made her uncomfortable meeting anyone, especially men, and her family has come to Grenn at the worst time: la Saison de l’Amour, the Season of Love.

Frustrating Master Auclair—the town’s handsome chocolatier—by refusing his sweets, she becomes his new target. Ambitious and perhaps slightly mad, he will stop at nothing to tempt her with the kingdom’s most decadent chocolate. But she knows that if she has even one bite, her relentless sweet tooth won’t allow her to stop... and finally achieving the daintiness she dreams of will be impossible.

But then, the promise of beauty seems tantalizingly within reach. All she has to do is steal Master Auclair’s famous chocolate recipe, which he hides in his wondrous shop. But with her heart melting under his charms, will attaining the beauty she craves be worth giving up on love?

These Clockwork Stars is a sweet fantasy romance novel about the longing to be seen and understood.

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